Saturday, April 15, 2006

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bender vs. Mouse

Here's the way to start a day jam-packed from morning 'til night --

Okay, first thing in the morning -- I'm in the bathroom (I don't think I'm violating any sacred trust by talking about such bodily functions in a blog entry. First thing in the morning, right. Very natural. Besides, as I've long been told, I've got the bladder of a 13-year-old girl. Or an 85-year-old pregnant woman. I can't remember which).

Anyway it seems odd to me that the sparkly fabric tablecloth-type thing that Robin had on one of the end tables is on the bathroom floor. That table is in the living room and the bathroom is very far away from that. So I assume Bender the cat got bored last night and played with it and dragged it in the bathroom. Seems unlikely now, really, but I had only been awake for two and a half minutes. So, whatever.

Then I see the half-eaten mouse on the bathroom rug. So things are become more clear now as I continue what seems in retrospect a morning urination that takes 45 minutes (It must just feel that way when there's a dead mouse in the room. Or I actually did take 45 minutes peeing. Not sure).

So I picked up Bender's little victim and checked out the living room. The stuff that was on that little table (a book, a bag of cookies, a plastic tumbler) all lying everyone in the room. Chaos! Something fairly dramatic happened in there at some point last night/this morning and I heard nothing. Nothing! I am a sound sleeper.

And, for a fat cat, Bender can evidently move when he needs to.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Prior to the 27th Annual English Department Prom

Walking out of my comp exams this week -- shaking, exhausted, and relieved -- I had one significant thought. No, it wasn't at all related to Modernism or Romanticsm or even the fact I couldn't remember the name of "Wuthering Heights" (which was okay, really, it wasn't something I needed to know for the exam -- I was going to use it as an example of something Virginia Woolf was not -- but I couldn't think of that novel's name. Crazy).

No, I remember that in two days, I was going to have Prom at my house. We'll find out how "Pretty in Pink" this place can be. I'll get pictures and torrid tales up here soon, of course.