Friday, March 07, 2008

Scroll Wheel

I don't know about your relationship with the scroll wheel, but I love it. Love it. When it comes to a mouse, if it doesn't have a scroll wheel, it might as well not exist. Okay, this is overly harsh and really not entirely true. I've had plenty of solid, worthwhile relationships with mice that didn't have scroll wheels. But those weren't the types of relationships I had to mourn much over when they were through. This is different.

This is my mouse.

That's right. Two scrolls wheels on that thing. One for up and down and another for left and right. There's so much power in that much scrolling. I mean, I'm capable of going all over the place. It's really remarkable.

But, sadly, those scroll wheels on that beautiful mouse are just for show. Yep, neither one of them works anymore. And when I tried to reload the mouse software to attempt to get it back and going, the software caused my entire system to crash and I had to reboot the thing. I admit, it was a difficult betrayal for me to deal with. But I'm dealing. I am.

So I made a movie dedicated to my broken mouse. Yeah, it was painful to me to watch, too.