Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Randy Savage Interview

I would like to think that Randy Savage would be a heck of a motivational speaker if he were ever, you know, motivated.

I'm posting this classic clip as sort of a nostalgic longing for the ol' days of pro wrestling, before the terrible stuff that's been happening lately but, really, I think Macho Man Randy Savage might be proof that there could have been a steroid/cocaine problem back in the '80's. I mean, look at this guy. Listen to this guy. What is he talking about?

But it doesn't matter. I mean, wow, I could listen to him all day.

Well, for three minutes, anyway.

Is the Price Right?

So Drew Carey will be the new host of the Price is Right. I guess that's okay and really, seeing as how I've never really watched the show much, it really doesn't matter to me. And, honestly, watching an entire episode of The Price is Right is pretty much a symbolic way of letting yourself completely go. An hour? You expect me to commit an hour to a game show? Everyday? But Drew Carey is the new host and, evidently, Rosie O'Donnell was considered. I've put together another list, of other people who ought to have been considered for the host of The Price is Right.


Wink Martindale -- I mean, come on, Price is Right, you've got a formula. You've been kicking it old school for, like, 60 years. Keep on the path. Just keep finding these old game show hosts and cycling through them. Wink would like the work -- he's been doing those commercials for that travel website or something. I don't know. I didn't pay attention. But, really, look at that suit. And maybe he cares about animals being spayed and neutered, too. Or...

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Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons QB. Y'know, shake things up. We've heard that "get you pet spade or neutered" thing from Barker for far too longer. I bet Mike Vick would have a different take. Besides, he might not be playing much this years what with all that bad press from the killing dogs thing. It's a risk, but he's got potential.

Jonathan Pryce, the well-respected British Actor. It'll give the show some class. And they can call it "The Pryce is Right" Oh man, what that'll do for ratings. Imagine there's a picture of him above this paragraph. It's really far more interesting when you pretend there's a picture of him.

This website lists the strengths of actor William Hurt as his ability to "go deep into character" and to "convey constrained emotion." I think that sounds like a good game show host to me. And, like Pryce, he'd be all classy and stuff. This is a solid choice. He might be busy, though.

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Crispin Glover. I would watch this show. Every day. Period.

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Well, okay, if Drew Carey has to be the host, Wayne Brady should be the "Come on down" guy. So he can hijack another show from Carey by being funnier, more talented, etc. but in a foolishly supporting role. Hmm...this could go on forever. It shouldn't. Any ideas? I'm all sexist and whatnot and didn't have a woman on my list. Kellie Pickler would be my first thought. Any others?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Bender Bites

Since I blogged earlier about Bender's morning habits, I felt it only right to post a picture of he and I together. Yeah, those are his teeth. And that look on my face is pain. But I did hold on long enough to get the picture.


Like clockwork every morning, Bender pushes open the door to my room with his face, jumps into my bed, and purrs loudly while pressing his head against me. Yeah, yeah, it's cute and if this is how he wants to wake me up, it's much better than the old "sitting in the hallway outside the door and meow 'till he gets up strategy" but what is most amazing about it is that every morning, when he wakes me up, I roll over to look at the clock at the time will be 6:01. Maybe there will be a minute or two difference occasionally, but usually not. He's very reliable. I wish I could set him ahead an hour, but that doesn't seem to work. He's on a tight schedule.

Also, I finished HP 7. Exciting stuff. I won't write anything about it since I'm not one of those spoiler-types. Well, I wanted to publish a spoiler, but I couldn't figure out how to do that thing where you can't see the words without highlighting over them, so instead I'll say this: I sometimes have hair like Harry Potter. See, this isn't a spoiler. I just have Harry Potter hair on occasion. It's good when I need to dress like Potter, which, oddly, has happened more often than it should. End spoiler.

And also, my friend Matt Browning has been working on a cool new site called rednow, a experiment in wonder. I would recommend checking it out--it's a neat idea really well executed. The site can be found here: http://www.rednow.com/

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dueling Dolans

So, the Emmy nominations are out today and, well, LOST wasn't nominated for Best Drama. But even when I felt that these Emmy nominating jerk didn't deserve any of my attention, I decided to check the nominees anyway. And, hey, Tim Daly was nominated for a best guest starring role for his work on The Sopranos. Why do I care, you ask? Am I such a fan of Wings that I long to see success for all of its former cast, from Tim Daly to Lowell to even that largish obnoxious mustachioed man that gave our Wings friends a hard time? Well, yeah, but there's more to it than that. See, Tim Daly played a character who was a writer/screenwriter named J.T. Dolan. Here is Daly as J.T. Dolan:

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Now, at Western Michigan University, we have a member of our Creative Writing Faculty who has worked on screenplays in addition to his memoir Phoenix and his forays into fiction. His name, J.D. Dolan:

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Hmmm. Perhaps J.D. will eventually shed some light on this "coincidence."

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Because I provided no list for those who want to play along at home...

The Wikipedia listing for the 2007 top 100 movies list (and the original list) is here.

Obviously some of the movies that have been dropped are fairly indefensible, especially in terms of what replaces them. It's interesting to note that there are four movies made since the original list that are on here -- and they're Titanic, Lord of the Rings 1, The Sixth Sense, and Saving Private Ryan. Who would actually name these four movies as the four best American films of the last ten years? No L.A. Confidential? Wow.

Anyway, I don't want to linger on the larger list, because it is a discussion that would go on forever. So, I'll let you guys do it.


So, I decided I should watch a lot of movies. This is not a decision that came quickly or without thought. After much liberation and discussion (with me), I have decided to watch a lot of movies.

What movies, you ask? Well, the American Film Institute's recently updated Top 100 American Films of All-Time list, selected by a panel that consists, evidently , of Steven Spielberg and Jimmy Stewart, (okay, Jimmy Stewart's dead, but he's in a lot of these movies). I made this decision because, upon looking at the list (updated in 2007 after being originally developed in 1997), I realized I either hadn't seen as many of these movies as I should or it's been so long since I've seen them, I've all but forgotten their artistic/cultural/etc. value. So, I intend to go from 100 to 1 and watch 'em all.

So, I shall begin the 100 movies. Keep in mind, this isn't a 100 movies in 100 nights thing, either. This is just 100 movies in whatever nights. No pressure. And I've technically already begun. I am currently awaiting the Netflix arrival of movie #96.

Stay tuned to my blog where (really) I will write (hopefully not too) sporadic write-ups of these movies.

But enough talk, I've got a kickball double-header tonight. I need to get prepared. And by prepared I mean sitting in my bed and trembling at the thought of someone throwing the ball at me.