Sunday, February 17, 2008


Okay...this is a fantasy baseball post. You've been warned. You don't have to read it. I mean, I'd rather you did, but whatever.

Somebody still there? Good. Last year, I participated in a fantasy baseball keeper league. Basically the deal with that is that you get to take any six guys from last year's team and carry them over and start with those guys when building your team for the new season. Whoever had the team before me evidently hadn't paid much attention to the team in, well, ever, so the players I started with were pretty middling. Still, through plenty of hard work and dumb luck, I ended up having a pretty good season, finishing second in the playoffs.

Well, the new season is about to being and I have to declare my keepers once again. I have five of my keepers decided, but I'm up in the air on the last one. Here's who I'm keeping:

Brandon Phillips (2B - Reds)
C.C. Sabathia (SP - Indians)
Erik Bedard (SP - Mariners)
Alex Rios (OF - Blue Jays)
Troy Tulowitzki (SS - Rockies)

I need to keep one more guy. So, that's were you come in. I've set up a poll on the side of the screen that lists six choices for my last keeper. See it? It's blue abd has the names of baseball players in it. Your choices are:

Howie Kendrick (2B - Angels)
Ryan Zimmerman (3B - Nationals)
Hideki Matsui (OF - Yankees)
Yonvani Gallardo (SP - Brewers)
Daisuke Matsuzaka (SP - Red Sox)
Joe Nathan (RP - Twins)

Well, who should it be? Please discuss this all-important issue by adding comments if you feel like it and be sure to vote! I'll use the poll results as of Feb 24th to choose my final keeper. Choose wisely! My fate rests in your hands!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Roger Clemens' Lie

So, many are in agreement that Roger Clemens was lying about a lot of stuff yesterday. Thanks to watching Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning (since I wasn't able to watch the hearing yesterday because of a marathon dental visit -- but I'm feeling fine today, thanks for asking), I found out about this very significant question exchange:

Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) asked Clemens if he was a vegan. Clemens stumbled through his answer saying that he was sorry but he didn't know what a vegan was. Hmmmm. This answer was filled was more ums and uhs than you can possibly imagine.

So, yeah, I'm not convinced that Clemens is telling the truth. His body language clearly indicated that he was lying on this one, but why was Clemens lying?

Well, I'm a vegan. I also write poetry and was born in Southern California. He's an athlete from Texas. Perhaps admitting his veganism would ruin his reputation. Steriods are bad enough, but he's also unable to eat Manwich in its intended form? This would be unforgivable.

I hope Roger Clemens does some serious soul-searching and realizes that fessing up on this issue is really the best thing to do Just tell us you're vegan. Your obsessive need to inject massive amounts of B-12 into your body? Makes sense now (though, really, I usually just use a B-12 spray, but maybe it's trickier for Clemens to absorb stuff in his system than it is for me. I believe he is about 10x as large as I am, and that's only in the cranial region to start). We understand why Roger created this "steroid smoke screen" in order to distract from being outed as a vegan.

But it's okay, Roger Clemens You've got friends. Maybe if you're not busy tomorrow, we can go protest the circus or something.