Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hey, Guess What?

It's April!

You know, this place can really be a jerk sometimes.


Okay...I don't do a lot of random baseball posting. But I will today. And I'm posting on the Red Sox-Mariners game from yesterday which, oddly, has a great deal of interest to me as an Angel fan. Not for any bearing on the pennant race or anything like that -- it's April (and, c'mon, it's the Mariners), but for two things.

#1: Something for the Tiger fans to enjoy

Weaver (L, 0-1) 2.0 7 7 7 2 1 1 31.50

That's the pitching line for Jeff Weaver who was AWFUL for the Angels last year (was cut in favor of his little brother) and ended up on the Cardinals. And, of course, with the Cardinals, he ends up finding himself all baseball/spiritually renewed and is a huge key to beating the Tigers and winning the World Series. This guy dominated. It didn't make any sense. You know, because he usually stinks.

And then he went back to the American League. And, in his first start with Seattle, gave up 7 runs in two innings. And my favorite thing about Jeff Weaver is that he's the only player I know of who, consistently, looks absolutely terrified. It's true. This isn't one of those "terrified" pictures, but it is something that became fairly common during his tenure with the Angels -- walking sadly and slowly from the mound with his head down. Looks like it'll be the same deal with Seattle, assuming they let him pitch much more.

Maybe Jeff should've stayed in the NL after all. Just a thought. O maybe there was no way around it. He was given one great month in the big leagues. And, hey, the next time the Tigers get to face him, they'll clobber him. Of course, they'll just be beating the Mariners.

I'm glad to see that great rivalries carrying on. The Angels and Nationals got into a brawl a couple of years ago that included a little bench clearing and a lot of angry talks from the two teams. Now this feud has taken on new life with the Mariners and the Red Sox. Two of the key guys from that previous grudge match have landed on these teams and Brendan Donnelley and Jose Guillen evidently still aren't the best of friends.
Here's more:

Sigh. We'll see what the rest of the Angels will get from Guillen when the Angels and Mariners play later this season. Because Donnelley wasn't the only one who didn't dig the guy. It should be fun.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yeah, yeah...I've been a little longer coming back to the blog than I might have expected. I've had a busy week and, really, that's probably not good enough for you, not after the way I've neglected you in the past. I mean, what can I do, dear blog reader, to mend these old proverbial fences?

I'm thinking pictures of a cute puppy. Lots of pictures of said puppy. This is Jeka (she's known as Jeko in the Atlantic Coast State, Jeka in the midwest). I keep have to fight the urge to type in "Jerka," which isn't fair, because she's not a jerk at all. Anyway, here's Jeka at my place earlier this week.

Clearly she's happy beside that couch. Her tune would change if I was to lift up that slipcover, let me tell you. It's like an explosion of grandmas under there.

Can you see the invisible thread on that tennis ball? No, because it's invisible!

All right, she's cute. I'm assuming you've got that by now.

If only I were as interesting as that tennis ball in my hand. Geez, just imagine how cool I could be.

I'm the dog hypnotist -- let go of the tennis ball, let go of your fears.

I'm explaining the story of the baby Jesus to Jeka.

Man, that Kevin in the background -- he wears some shiny shorts.