Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Poem Ideas? Anyone?

I'm going into the oral surgeon today for a procedure, so wish me luck. I'll likely be out of commission for a day or two (if my getting my wisdom teeth pulled is any indication) so besides warning the world that I might not be as, um, articulate as I occasionally am, I'll also need some help.

I'm trying to write 30 poems in the month of April (that's a poem a day for those following along), but I'm running out of ideas. So. Help? Fair readers, drop me some advice on potential topics for these poems I'm attempting to write? Got a wacky pop-culture idea? A serious theme for an ode? A surreal romp? Throw those ideas my way. I'll need help all the way through the end of April, so help early and often.

Thanks for your help! Looking forward for your responses...

1 comment:

Foxygen said...

You could write about how people from around the world love to look at pictures of carl weathers.