Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Disappointed Multitudes

I'm updating the blog today to both greet and apologize to the inevitable masses who will be looking at this site to see what I wore for Halloween. I know, I reputation for Halloween goofiness has been on a tear over the last few years, but this year, I've taken a break. I'm entitled to that. I stayed at home, wore normal-ish clothes, watched Scream and Sweeney Todd and handed out candy to a few of Price, Utah's little ones. I also smashed my finger in a door, but that's not really related to anything. I just haven't gotten all the whining out of my system, so I decided to share.

Anyway to make up for the lack of Halloween-ing from me, I figured I should post some pictures of Halloweens gone by so you can see the great moments of yesteryear. And pretend I wore all of these at once last night if that makes you feel better.

Here I'm Einstein Disguised as Robin Hood, after the lyric in Dylan's "Desolation Row." For the record, everyone got it. Everyone. No one stared at me for a while trying to understand what in the world I was supposed to be before walking away confused after I told them. Why would you think that anyway?

I'm Alfalfa from the The Little Rascals from several years back. Geez, what a dork I used to be. Glad I'm past that. For the record, that crazy hair was a challenge.

This is me and Chapel from last year when we went as Jim and Pam from the office. This one was a challenge for me because I had to do so little. Halloween is usually so much more work. I mean, I had everything (well, I did have to buy a solid black tie but I ended up wearing that on job interviews, so I can't say that was that much of an expense). But yeah, Chapel had to do all the work on that.

You know how difficult it was to capture me in a photo when I was wearing this costume? I mean, I was really fast.

Ah, the Karate Kid in the shower costume. This might be the only costume that fought me back, constantly collapsing and nearly crashing on me. Still, though, it held up better than it should have and it is perhaps the most visually impressive. One thing I've learned in my short time in Utah -- when I described this costume to my students last year in Michigan, no one knew the movie enough to tell me what Daniel-san wore to the Halloween party before I described my costume in its full glory. Here, everyone seemed to know. They must teach the Karate Kid in the elementary schools here.

And this one isn't technically from Halloween (boy, isn't that a depressing thing to admit), but it'll fit anyway. Man, am I intimidating or what?

Sadly, there were a couple of costumes I didn't have pictures for at the ready -- Ace Ventura from the back in the day and the time I dressed up like a pencil from even further back. Still, this will hopefully do. Happy Halloween weekend, all!


Molly said...

As a witness to several of these costumes, I must commend you on years of creative Halloween productions. Yes, Daniel-san was the best.

kevindrz said...

No Doc Brown pictures? That's too bad. If only there was a way to go back to Halloween 2006 and get some pictures. If only...

Lori, Ivan and Noah said...

I think the pencil will always be my favorite! But I remember you as a bum and me as a princess and people saying "look what she drug along..." Ah, I love chilhood memories!

peregringa said...

Wow, I'm surprised your Utah students knew that movie. Because guess what? Our students were born in the nineties, Jason.

In the nineties.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, some props for the shower rig?