Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Dog That Can't Catch

You know those amazing dogs that can catch Frisbee and balls and all sorts of things with ease? Well, we don't have one of those dogs. She seems to enjoy the "not catching" part of the game of catch. Really, she seems to go out of her to make sure she never has a chance of actually catching anything. It's an art. Here are a few pictures of this artist and her craft.

Let's start with a football. Well, this one doesn't seem to be going well...the ball appears to still be landing and she already looking toward the ground.

Keep your eye on the ball. And by that I mean don't keep any eyes on any balls. Anywhere.

She's focused on something in the air. Unfortunately, the ball has already landed.

This one looks promising. And, honestly, let's just say it all worked out. The she jumped way in the air and easily caught it. That she didn't have the toy bounce out of her mouth at the last moment for no reason at all. Yep. It all worked out.

This one never had a chance.

And this one likely didn't either.

Let's blame the throw on this one, shall we?

And this one isn't worth trying.

Again, seems to be going well. Unfortunately, this was mere seconds before the ball bounced off her teeth, bounced toward the fence and rolled to the driveway. Oh the drama.

She found pumpkin guts in the backyard. That was more interesting than the thing whizzing past her head.

So there you have it. Look for Willow in next year's "Dogs that can't catch" reality show. She's the breakout star.

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